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Football stakeholders demand transparent club scrutiny

By Our Correspondent
December 21, 2020

KARACHI: Football stakeholders across the country have demanded that the new chairman of Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) Normalisation Committee Muneer Ahmed Khan Sadhana remove all impediments in the way of transparent scrutiny of clubs and subsequent elections at various levels.

A press release of the former Balochistan Football Association said on Sunday that the association held a meeting at Quetta which was chaired by Haji Abdul Rauf Natozai. The press release said that representatives of 14 districts and the provincial referees association attended the meeting.

“We hope that Sadhana would remove all the handicaps and pave way for transparent elections at various levels,” the press release said.

The participants also showed confidence in the leadership of Abdul Rauf Natozai and Saeed Tikko.

Meanwhile, Sindh Football Association (SFA) former vice-chairman Haji Azam Khan also congratulated Sadhana on being appointed as the chairman of the PFF NC. He also demanded that illegal scrutiny in Sindh should be immediately stopped and Sindh NC’s Secretary should be replaced by a neutral individual.

Stakeholders in Punjab also held a meeting on Sunday and asked Sadhana to ensure fair and transparent scrutiny of clubs across the country so that fair elections could be conducted.

They also urged the new NC chairman to reconstitute NCs at various levels and bring neutral people so that fair and transparent elections could be ensured.