Sunday November 28, 2021

Prior permission must for supertankers, N-powered ships to enter Pak seas

November 22, 2020

ISLAMABAD: The federal government has approved implementation of the Pakistan Maritime Zones (PMZ) Act 2020 to ensure sovereignty and security of the territorial boundaries of the country.

According to the official document, prior permission is mandatory for foreign supertankers and nuclear-powered ships to enter into the territorial sea of Pakistan.

The cabinet gave a go ahead for implementing the law, which was earlier approved by the Cabinet Committee for Disposal of Legislative Cases (CCLC) on October 21 this year.

After enforcement of the PMZ Act 2020, foreign warships including submarine and other underwater vehicles and foreign military aircraft would not be allowed to enter or pass through the territorial waters and the airspace over such waters without prior permission of the federal government.

There will be a ban on loading and unloading of any person or currency while carrying out survey and research activities would not be allowed. In case of violation, foreign ships would be seized while there would be a five-year imprisonment with heavy penalty in case the crime was proved.

The sovereignty of Pakistan extends to its internal waters and territorial sea as on land and any person who commits an offence in the territorial sea may be arrested and tried under Pakistani laws.