Thursday April 18, 2024

Pak, South Korea navies participate in joint exercise

By Our Correspondent
October 09, 2020

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Navy Ship Zulfiquar with embarked helicopter participated in Passage Exercise (PASSEX) with South Korean Navy Ship Dae Jo Yeong.

Both ships are patrolling in Gulf of Aden as part of international efforts to counter piracy and ensure security of shipping transiting through the vital area. The Passage Exercise covered various operational serials to enhance interoperability and augment collaborative efforts to ensuring practical maritime security in the region.

PNS Zulfiquar is also deployed on Regional Maritime Security Patrol (RMSP) in Gulf of Aden. The exercise confirms the commitment of Pakistan Navy to provide secure maritime environment in the global commons for international shipping and to counter illicit activities at sea, the spokesman of Pakistan Navy said.

Pakistan Navy, in line with government policies stand ready to play its role for maritime safety and security in the region. The exercise will further contribute in improving the bilateral ties between Pakistan Navy and South Korean Navy.