Saturday December 04, 2021

Buzdar’s lightning initiative

October 05, 2020

LAHORE:If one were to believe the words of Punjab Industries Minister, Mian Aslam Iqbal, Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar has struck like a lightning on the stagnant economy by establishing a number of industrial zones in the province.

That being the case (if at all, it is so), Buzdar has proved to be a ‘Chuppa Rustam’ (dark horse) who has started making a good showing, slowly and steadily, probably inspired by the rabbit-and-tortoise tale. Does that mean that he knows the intricacies of economy or economic development? And even if Buzdar is not a financial wizard, his deputies have avowedly taken the province to the zenith as, according to Mian Aslam Iqbal, the local industries were flooded with the glut of export orders from various countries, under the present, Buzdarian dispensation. Shouldn’t one be thankful to the unpredictable choices of PM Imran Khan for picking up dark-but-talented horses and bringing them into prominence from obscurity ?

At the time of his selection as the CM of Punjab, people called Usman Buzdar the dark horse because he surfaced out of oblivion but now his ‘achievements’ seemingly hint at his ‘dazzling performance’ the semblance of which came to the fore the other day when the CM inaugurated a 30-billion-rupee Rozgar scheme which the government claims, would generate job opportunities for 1.6 million people. So far so good ! At least, a portion of Imran Khan’s solemn pledges stand chances of being fulfilled with 1.6 million out of the promised 10 million about to climb the ladder of employments in a framework that can be likened, in all respects, to the game of snakes and ladders. I think these Iqdaamaat (steps) suffice to quench the animosity of Khan’s detractors, at least on the face of it, if not in essence.

As a journalist, however, I have my reservations. In fact, a journalist has to be skeptic and doubt every piece of information unless proved true. This rule ought to be followed strictly in order to ascertain the actual, unpolluted facts before they are published.

However, things have taken a strange turn especially during the incumbency of the present government that journalists and public alike have turned totally, rather negatively skeptic making every move of the government look doubtful, including some good moves initiated by Imran government or by Buzdar government in Punjab like the aforementioned Rozgar scheme which would provide loans at very low rates of markup with the collaboration of Bank of Punjab. Let us hope that this project sails through smoothly as per the genuine expectations of the people especially the youth who are undergoing utter frustration, that too justifiably, on many counts.