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Swedish firm to help pandemic-hit hospitality industry

By Our Correspondent
September 18, 2020

Islamabad: In the middle of the biggest hotel crisis ever caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, a Swedish company has introduced the first one-bed-fits-all innovation with groundbreaking effects for the hospitality industry.

According to Anjali Bhola of YouBed, the new sleep concept introduced in partnership with Business Sweden, the Swedish Trade & Invest Council could be a way to strengthen competitiveness and earnings when it was most needed.

She also said the investment was also designed to be self-financed for most hotels. "We have invented a way to adjust the firmness in a high-level pocket spring mattress without compromising on the highest levels of sleeping comfort, simply by using a remote. This one-bed-fits-all solution will be available globally through a unique sleep concept that is believed to be game-changing for the hotel industry, enabling hotels to finally offer what every guest deserves: the guarantee of a comfortable hotel bed and the best conditions for a good night’s sleep," she said.

She said the company's 44 new offices - with the capacity to support every market of the world - were already initiating dialogues with regional hotel groups that were expected to lead local introductions around the world. Fredrik Fexe of the Business Sweden said his organisation would support the Swedish company's game-changing innovation in the capacity it deserved.