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Karachi relief project not to create wedge between PPP, Opp parties

By Muhammad Saleh Zaafir
September 06, 2020

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has cautiously welcomed Sindh and federal government’s Saturday’s announcement for starting relief work in Karachi and it has asked the federal government to identify sources/heads and allocate the money that it has offered to contribute in the project.

The PML-N sources told The News that relief plan for Karachi shouldn’t be viewed as a political project since the metropolitan belongs to the whole country and people living in the city are from every shade of the national life. They said the Sindh government will try to achieve the targets within stipulated time since the chief minister will be supervising it. A central leader of the PML-N said wishing anonymity that the Pakistan People’s Party’s Sindh government has taken the PML-N into confidence about the relief project that was agreed upon between the chief minister Sindh and visiting Prime Minister Imran Khan in Karachi earlier in the day. Although, he said, it’s too little and too late but for the sake of beginning one must welcome it. He expressed hope that no political string would be attached with the accord as it has been struck between various stakeholders of Karachi.

Meanwhile, sources said that some federal leaders are trying to link the relief announcement for Karachi with any political deal between the PPP and PTI so that it could create a wedge between the opposition parties. The PML-N stalwart is confident that unity in the ranks of opposition would further solidify in days ahead. The APC agenda will be finalised next week and it will be held according to the schedule that has already been announced. The PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, who is in touch with the PML-N leaders, isn’t expected to attend the sitting of the National Assembly commencing tomorrow (Monday) in the Parliament House. He had hairline fracture in his ankle, but he can make movement with the help of support. He and some members of the PPP are unlikely to turn up for the session. The members are busy in their constituencies to help rain affected people. For the reason, Bilawal has urged the government to defer the sitting of the National Assembly for few days, but the government has no plan to delay the legislation that it has already planned for the fulfilling the financial action task force (FATF) requirements. The PML-N hasn’t given its view publicly, but the sources said the party is also supportive of the PPP leader’s demand for deferment of the National Assembly session. The absence of the opposition members from the Parliament will help the government in getting the required bills adopted quite conveniently, the sources reminded.

The PPP is also contemplating to take the JUI-F leadership in confidence regarding federal government’s recent contacts with its provincial government for the sake of provision of relief for Karachi.

The sources said that the PPP leadership has conveyed to all other opposition parties that it would stand by its political position for performing its role of opposition. The relief announced by the federal government on Saturday would also be discussed in the two houses of Parliament next week apart from the Sindh Assembly, the sources added.