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JI women wing plans events to promote hijab culture

By Our Correspondent
September 03, 2020

The Jamaat-e-Islami’s (JI) women wing announced a 10-day hijab programme under the theme ‘protection and blessing’ to promote a hijab culture in Pakistan.

During a press conference held at the Idara Noor-e-Haq on Wednesday, General Secretary Durdana Siddiqui demanded of the government to introduce a hijab culture in country, ensure dignity and provide protection to women at workplaces.

She said steps should be taken to avoid the use of woman in media and television plays. The JI leader further asked that the curriculum at the primary education level should be so shaped as to promote chastity, and steps should be taken to stop licentiousness in society.

“We strongly oppose the use of women for promoting commercial products on media as this act is tantamount to disgracing womenfolk,” she said. “On this day, we invite the attention of saner elements of society to the rectification of such mindsets in order to provide dignity to women,” she added.

The JI leader announced that an international seminar would be organised via Zoom, and talk shows, debates and conferences would be held in Lahore on September 4 and on September 7 in Islamabad in this regard.

Conducting a women’s survey, putting up roadside banners and sending letters to print and electronic media persons, as well as to boutiques would be part of this programme, she added. Meeting assemblies’ members, online literary sittings, art events and holding debate programmes at universities and religious institutes had also been scheduled, she said.

According to a Pure Research Centre survey, 98 per cent of the Pakistani women prefer to take hijab while going out from home, she said, adding that our women are serving at many workplaces like in factories, offices, media houses and educational institutions in a decorous way. She appealed to the people and the media to come forward and play their due role for the promotion of “a culture fit for women in accordance with the tenets of Islam”.