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Flood in Malir River cuts off routes to Korangi

By Our Correspondent
August 11, 2020

Routes leading to the city’s Korangi district were cut off due to the current monsoon season, resulting in massive traffic jams in the entire district since Monday morning. The only route available was through the two-lane Jam Sadiq flyover. It took residents hours to cross the flyover.

The Korangi Causeway and the EBM Causeway, which are built on the river bed of the Malir River, were submerged in water because of flood in the river after the fourth spell of the three-day intermittent rainfall. Due to the closure of the EBM Causeway, the movement of traffic from Baloch Colony towards Brookes Chowrangi was also stopped for several hours.

There are three ways to reach the District Korangi. Commuters can go to Korangi through Shah Faisal Colony using the Shah Faisal flyover constructed over Malir River, or they can use the Jam Sadiq flyover, else they can travel on two the EBM or Korangi causeways – which pass through the river bed without any elevated track.

A resident of District Korangi, Sana Naz told The New how it took her three hours to cross the Jam Sadiq flyover on Monday morning as the causeway was flooded. “Normally, it doesn’t even take five minutes to cross the Jam Sadiq flyover,” she said, adding that the traffic of the entire district was passing through the narrow flyover.

She lamented the authorities had failed to construct a broad overhead route over the Malir River for millions of District Korangi’s residents who face the adverse situation in every massive rainfall.