Friday September 24, 2021

Following SOPs on Eid will benefit Pindiites

August 01, 2020

Social gatherings in the city are a matter of routine during Eid days, but the Coronavirus Pandemic demands firm restrictions and self-restraint on this occasion of Eid. Avoiding large gatherings and assemblies of all sorts at all costs is crucial to reducing the chance of spreading the virus.

“Under the public health policy given by the health minister and expounded by the PM the city residents have been told to avoid family gatherings this Eidul Azha. Thus, it is important to heed the government’s advice and strictly stick to all SOPs as it is to our benefit,” says Dr. Ridha Zahra, a general practitioner.

“Pakistan has seen a clear drop in Coronavirus Pandemic cases. Of late, new recoveries have been more than the new cases. All these optimistic signs show how the country is getting closer to reducing the virus. The government’s mass testing drive and proactive approach has been the key. The government officials say that health and safety in the present time is directly related to the physical distance,” says Dr. Eshaal Hasan, a health expert.

Dr. Talibul Moula says: “By staying away from gatherings, everybody can help avert another wave of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Though the cases have fallen, gatherings on Eidul Azha may lead to possible infections which can add to the burden of the healthcare system. For that reason, on this Eid, we need to stay away from our loved ones so that we can enjoy togetherness on all the future Eids.”

“Social distance has been found to be the most effective element to guard public health amid Coronavirus Pandemic. Those who can’t resist meeting immediate family members, it is strongly suggested to them to avoid traditional hugs. Wearing masks at all times and keeping hands sanitized are also important,” says Dr. Afraz Hussain.

“Although the numbers of Coronavirus Pandemic infections have declined, there are still people with low immunity like the elderly with chronic diseases and pregnant women. They need our attention, so persistent safety measures are essential to prevent them from falling sick,” adds Dr. Afraz.

Dr. Aahil Hussain says: “People shouldn’t forget that Coronavirus Pandemic can catch people when they talk, laugh, sneeze or cough. It is a very contagious virus that is mostly spread by respiratory droplets. People can get infected through their nose, mouth or eyes. By following safety measures - such as keeping a caring distance from one other, evading crowded places, washing hands and wearing masks, we can halt the Coronavirus Pandemic spread.”

“Several Coronavirus Pandemic-positive patients are asymptomatic, so a person can be carrier without even comprehending it, as a result the people should stay away from joining unnecessary get-togethers so as to break the Coronavirus Pandemic chain,” adds Dr. Aahil.