Friday December 03, 2021

Protest against establishment of South Punjab Secretariat

July 03, 2020

MULTAN: More than two dozens of Saraiki nationalists and mainstream political parties Thursday staged a demonstration against the establishment of south Punjab Secretariat.

Activists of Pakistan Saraiki Party, Saraikistan Quami Council, Saraikistan Suba Mahaz and Saraiki Democratic Party staged the protest at Chowk Nawan Sher and said the government was continuously humiliating the people of Saraiki region.

The protesters raised slogans against the government. They said the proposed Saraiki province actually consists of 23 districts, not 16. They vowed continuing their struggle against the injustices of the authorities inflicted on Saraiki people.

Saraikistan Quami Council chairman Zahoor Dhreja, Rana Fraz Noon, Ahmed Nawaz Soomro, Sharif Khan Lashari, Javed Channar, senior journalist Mazhar Javed Sial and others addressed the participants.