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Jahangir Tareen refutes reports of meeting Nawaz Sharif

By Agencies
June 19, 2020

LAHORE/LONDON: PTI senior leader Jahangir Khan Tareen said Thursday he has neither met PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif nor did he wish to and that the media cell of the former prime minister's party was spreading fake news.

In an audio statement, Tareen — whose relationship with the PTI seems to have fallen apart — said "our struggle has been against them", referring to the PML-N. "I have neither met Nawaz Sharif nor do I wish to [meet him]," he said.

"I am not an opportunistic politician to go to them [Nawaz Sharif and the PML-N] just because I have developed differences with Imran Khan," he said of the premier. "I am a principled politician, I tried my best with the PTI," he added, noting that if there were any problems, it was not his fault. "I am just sitting separately; whatever is acceptable to God will happen."-