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Virtual way of showcasing art – the right way to do

By Ishrat Hyatt
June 14, 2020

Now that the virtual way of showcasing the arts appears to be the right thing to do, an online group exhibition of artworks by four prominent artists from Pakistan titled, 'Fleeting Moments' was inaugurated at Nomad Gallery, featuring Prof. Dr. Rahat Naveed Masud; Nahid Raza; Akram Dost Baloch and Sadaf Naeem.

Rahat Naveed Masud is presently serving as Principal, College of Art and Design, University of the Punjab, Lahore. “As a practicing artist she is best known for luminous portrait studies and nature inspired expression, often in the medium of pastels. One of the chief exponents of the pastel medium in Pakistan, she has developed a unique style of using pastels with gold leaf on hand made paper. This innovation stems from a desire to combine her training in western style with her interest in the abstractedness of the Muslim aesthetic.”

Nahid Raza’s art is “of a feminist perspective reflecting the society, patriarchy and her experiences as a female artist struggling to survive in a male dominated world.” Her latest work at Nomad Gallery’s online show reflects immense connection with her roots.

Akram Dost Baloch was born in Nushki (Pakistan), in 1958, and he currently lives and works in Quetta. Having spent most of his life in Balochistan- he gained an in depth knowledge about the cultural background of the area, all of which reflects closely in his work to date.

Sadaf Naeem “is an artist of great delicacy her painting focused on the fluidity of texture, surfaces and luminous layered space. She is intensely involved in the practice and teaching of art, and after graduating from the National College of Arts, Lahore, she taught at the Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design and Kinnaird College.”

“All great art is by its very essence in conflict with the society with which it exists. It expresses the truth about the existence regardless of whether this truth serves or hinders the survival purpose of a given society. All great art is revolutionary because it touches upon the reality of man and questions the reality of the various transitory forms of human society.”