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Vanessa brings Pak flag to Earth’s highest and lowest points

June 13, 2020

LONDON: Mrs Vanessa O’Brien, Pakistan’s Goodwill Ambassador, has taken Pakistan’s flag to the deepest point in the ocean named Challenger Deep, at 10,923 meters. If Everest were put in Challenger Deep, it would still be 2 km under water. During this descent she became the first woman to reach Earth’s highest and lowest points, a Guinness World Record, and one in which she shares with Victor Vescovo, the pilot of the submersible with whom she completed this dive with, said a press released.

The purpose of the dive was to map the eastern seabed of Challenger Deep, collect water and rock samples, and to further scientific research as only 80pc of the world’s ocean floors have been mapped and studied, leaving enormous untapped potential for information.

Vanessa’s good friend, Durdana Ansari, OBE Hon. Cdr Royal Navy presented her with the Pakistan flag given by Nafees Zakaria at the Pakistan High Commission in London. Durdana joined Vanessa on this historic journey to the Pacific Ocean and witnessed the event.