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Pakistan’s exports to Japan drop 15.9pc in Q1

By Irfan Siddiqui
June 06, 2020

TOKYO: Pakistan’s exports to Japan fell 15.94 to $58 million in the first quarter of this year from $69 million in the same period last year not only on account of novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic but also because of some erratic trading patterns, officials said on Wednesday.

“It is somehow true that Pakistan's exports have declined in the first quarter but not solely due to pandemic but inconsistent trade trends,” said Tahir Cheema, Commercial Consular at the Pakistani Embassy in Tokyo, while talking to The News.

“It is a fact that some items are traded without a pattern or on the basis of need only, once in a year. Likewise, Japan imported a large quantity of copper from Pakistan during the beginning of 2019 which it did not this year. Due to this, Pakistani exports are showing a comparative decline, which is not primarily due to the current pandemic.”

“However, in the second and third quarters of the current year, Pakistani exports may decline due to COVID-19 and its impact on global logistics, and due to that reason that Pakistani exporters could not participate in the trade events in Japan this year as all exhibitions were canceled, leaving them at a disadvantage to promote their products and confirm orders for themselves,” the diplomat said.

He said Pakistan’s Embassy in Japan was trying to liaise with existing importers in Japan to get orders for Pakistani institutions so that the trade volume can be maintained.

Cheema said they were trying to increase Pakistan's exports to Japan, which had a huge potential in agricultural commodities, leather garments, surgical instruments, and minerals, while also trying to increase Pakistan's exports in the field of information technology.