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PNCA online session brings artists, their fans together

By Jamila Achakzai
June 02, 2020

Islamabad:In the current times of coronavirus-induced lockdown and social distancing, an online session organised by the Pakistan National Council of the Arts brought art lovers and leading artists together on the auspicious occasion of Eid.

The one-hour ‘Eid Gup Shup’ event was the brainchild of PNCA director general Dr Fouzia Saeed, who discussed a wide range of topics with artists Sania Saeed, Irfan Khoosat, Qavi Khan, Hina Bayat, Khalid Ahmad and Shahid M Nadeem and former PNCA chief Kishwar Naheed not only about entertainment industry but also about their personal and professional lives and how they are spending their time during the virus pandemic. The artists openly discussed and spoke their hearts.

The live questions put by viewers to the artists made the session very interesting and interactive. Writer, poet and former PNCA chief Kishwar Naheed highlighted her struggle for the freedom of expression and women's rights through her pen. She urged youths to learn more about the literature that open one’s mind to think differently. She said everyone should make reading a habit, which would ultimately bring positivity in society.

Actor Muhammad Qavi’s message to young actors was to be patient during struggle. “When you get everything at once, it makes you numb creatively. Our generation has great talent all they need to practice is respect and patience,” he said. Theatre actor Sania Saeed shared the greatest pleasure of her life i.e. expression through arts. She highlighted how cultural institutions like PNCA holds an extra responsibility for promoting and reserving the art and artists.

While recalling the role of state run television channel in promoting national multilingual drama, Sania expressed the desire to act in regional languages dramas. She appreciated the efforts of PNCA for the promotion of art and artists especially artists from remote areas. Film director producer and writer Irfan khosat discussed one of important issue of modern dramas i.e. lack of depth and message.

He said dramas in earlier times had a strong message and depth. “Drama series written by legendary writers such as Ashfaq Ahmad and Bano Qudsiya was the peak of drama writing in our industry,” he said. Writer director and Ajoka Theatre chairman Shahid Nadeem shared his story of job in PTV.

He also discussed the reason behind shifting from activism to writing. He said his writings reflects the activist side of him. “Whatever I have written I have written it for a cause and change in society,” he said. Shahid Nadeem praised the efforts of Dr Fouzia Saeed for taking the initiative.

Urdu novelist dramatist and short story teller Zahida Hina while appreciating young writers she said we should not criticise our young generation because they are doing a great job. “I am also in contact with young writers and I have noticed that If we provide them good books, they can even do much better, their power of thinking and understanding will improve more,” she added. Actor Hina Bayat said apart from designing, writing about social issues have become a very important part of her life.