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How FIA defrauds innocent citizens and implicates them in bogus case

May 10, 2020

ISLAMABAD: In a shocking move, Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) own internal inquiry has revealed how an official of the agency converted a business deal between two private parties into a human trafficking case and implicated innocent citizens in a bogus case.

Raja Muhammad Ishaq — an Inspector of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) posted at FIA AHTC Islamabad conducted a raid at a business outlet situated in Sector I-8, Islamabad on February 27, 2019. The inspector confiscated eight passports and arrested two citizens i.e. Hameed Abbasi and Saqib Abbasi — who according to the inspector -- were allegedly involved in human trafficking.

Both the accused were tortured badly. Hameed Abbasi — one of the accused -- claims that due to brutal torture by the FIA official, he lost senses and they had to admit him to Pims. He was kept in the hospital for two days and later sent to Adiala Jail on judicial remand. After two months of their arrest, court released both the accused on bail as the two parties involved in the case reached an agreement.

Hameed Abbasi then approached Director General FIA and requested for a departmental inquiry against Inspector Raja Ishaq. The DG FIA ordered an inquiry against the inspector. Meanwhile, Jahangir Abbasi and his two other partners who were complainant against Hameed Abbasi filed a petition in Islamabad High Court against DG FIA’s orders of initiating inquiry.

According to this petition, “Hameed Abbasi and Saqib Abbasi who under the garb of providing foreign employment in Australia obtained huge amount from the petitioners and prepared fake documents but never arranged any foreign employment or visa etc. Meanwhile, accused party approached the petitioner and other affected people, consequently compromise was effected between the parties and on the basis of compromise, bail of accused was allowed….”

“During the course of investigation, many other people were also found to be affected of the conduct of respondents Hameed and Saqib and they also agitated their grievances before the IO and their contentions were found genuine”, the petition says.

After receiving a call from the FIA office regarding appearance before the enquiry panel on this matter, the petitioner (Jahangir Abbasi) approached respondent No 3 (Raja Ishaq) to know about genuineness of call and he was taken by surprise when they came to know that re-inquiry has been ordered by respondent No 1 (DG FIA) illegally and unlawfully.

“This is talk of the town that respondent No 1 (DG FIA) is relative of the accused and all of them hail from same area i.e. Murree having some common relationship and by using their personal relations, they managed the above said so-called re-inquiry in a case wherein the accused accepted their liability and also made certain payments in lieu thereof,” the petition says.

The IHC then issued its orders on February 12, 2020 which says, “….. Points raised need consideration. Notices to the respondents, with the directions to file report and para-wise comments within a fortnight.”

The FIA then submitted its para-wise response before the IHC which confirmed that Inspector Raja Ishaq implicated the innocent citizens in a bogus case of human trafficking. “In the light of the above case law, the instant petition is not maintainable and liable to be dismissed. The reason being that the answering respondent No 1 (DG FIA), a senior most PSP officer had directed the Director FIA Islamabad Zone “for fair enquiry pl,” on the complaint dated 17.12.2019 of one Hameed Ahmed respondent No 4, vehemently contending that Inspector Raja Ishaq had involved him and his nephew in case FIR No 09/2019 of PS FIA AHTC Islamabad by fabricating false evidence.

The FIA in its response further said, it is submitted that the above referred complaint of respondent No 4 was marked to respondent No 2 Syed Shahid Hassan, Deputy Director Anti Corruption Circle, FIA, Islamabad, who recorded the statements of 23 individuals (including respondent No 4 and 5) whereas the present three petitioners did not join the enquiry proceedings despite repeated phone calls. Thus the said enquiry officer prepared Confidential Final Report (CFR) with following findings and recommendations. After examination of record and recording statements of all the relevant persons, the findings of the undersigned are as below:

“Aetbar Abbasi, Jahangir Abbasi and Maqsood Abbasi had invested their money with Aqib Abbasi and they were in dispute over said money. After above private persons failed to recover the amount they with the connivance of Inspector Raja Muhamad Ishaq fabricated a raid on complainant Hameed Ahmed and Saqib Abbasi to extract their money through bogus case. Raja Muhammad Ishaq, Inspector planted passports and fake documents through Jahangir Abbasi and also prepared fake Isteghasa and recovery memos with fake signatures of FIA Constables. The report of technical expert has established the signatures being fake on recovery memos,” says FIA response submitted before IHC.

“The footage submitted by Hameed Ahmed shows that Raja Muhammad Ishaq is asking him to spend money to prepare fake degree as his opponent did with him as he is available to conduct raid against Aetbar Abbasi and others also he has done with him (Hameed Ahmed). Raja Muhammad Ishaq misused his authority and registered a bogus case against complainant and his nephew to extract business money outstanding between private persons. In the process, he has not only committed the offences of fraud, forgery and criminal misconduct but also spoiled the reputation/name of the organization,” said FIA in its official response to IHC.

“In view of foregoing, it is recommended that FIR may be registered against Inspector Raja Muhammad Ishaq and his accomplices for fraud, forgery, fabricating false evidence and criminal misconduct u/s 193, 420, 268, 471, 109 PPC r/w 5(2) 47 PCA. It is further recommended that the titled FIR proved to be registered with male fide intention be ordered to be cancelled through court orders”, the FIA official response to IHC says.

After the inquiry, on April 29, 2020, Assistant Director (Investigation) FIA Muhammad Tahir Tanveer registered an FIR — a copy of which is available with The News against Inspector Raja Ishaq (Inspector FIA) and three other co-accused. “Consequent upon enquiry No 225/2019, it is transpired that on 27.02.2019 the accused Raja Muhammad Ishaq wile posted as Inspector at FIA AHTC Islamabad, raided the office of Unique Property Advisor situated in Sector I-8 Markaz, Islamabad, in active connivance with his accomplices Aetbar Abbasi S/o Abdul Aziz Abbasi, Jahangir Abbasi S/o Isam Dad Abbasi and Maqsood Ahmed Khan Abbasi S/o Niaz Ahmed maneuvered the raid by planting 8 passports and fake documents to extract their invested money from complainant, M Hameed Ahmed S/o Isam Dad and his nephew Saqib Abbasi and Aqib Abbasi. The said Inspector has prepared fake Isteghasa and recovery memos with fake signatures of FIA Constable and arrested above mentioned complainant and Saqib Abbasi and brought them to PS FIA AHTC where he with mala fide intention converted a business deal into a matter of human trafficking and implicated them in a bogus case against complainant and his nephew to extort investment of Aetbar Abbasi, Jahangir Abbasi and Maqsood Abbasi with their connivance. Prima Facie a case is made out against Raja Muhammad Ishaq, Aetbar Abbasi, Jahangir Abbasi and Maqsood Abbasi for commission of offence of fraud, forgery and criminal misconduct u/s 193, 218, 344, 420, 468, 471, 109 PPC r/w 5(2) 47 PCA. Role of others, if any shall be thrashed out during investigation. I shall investigate the case. Copies of FIR are being sent to concerned offices”, says the FIR.

When contacted Assistant Director FIA Tahir Tanveer said it is true that Inspector Raja Ishaq was involved in implicating innocent citizens in a bogus case.

“We have carried out several raids to arrest Raja Ishaq and his accomplices but haven’t succeeded yet. Hopefully we will arrest them soon as we have carried out raids on several hiding places,” said Tahir Tanveer.