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One in five coronavirus infected asymptomatic: German study

May 05, 2020

BERLIN: One in five people infected with the novel coronavirus shows no symptoms, according to results published Monday of a German study into infections in a small district which could have an impact on disease containment measures. Researchers interviewed and tested 919 people in 405 households in the western district of Gangelt, where one of Germany’s biggest clusters of contagion had emerged following a carnival attended by an infected couple. Through antibodies tests as well as infections tests, researchers found that 15 percent of the population in Gangelt had been infected, with a fatality rate of 0.37 percent. Projecting this nationwide, the study estimates that 1.8 million people across Germany may have already contracted the disease — 10 times more than what is reflected in data of officially confirmed cases. But crucially, the study also shows that the proportion of asymptomatic people reached 22 percent.