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‘Cyber financial crimes reduced during pandemic across the country’

By Shakeel Anjum
May 01, 2020

Islamabad : Effective measures taken by the Cyber Crime Wing (CCW), a wing of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), during COVID-19 Lockdown, resulted in the reduction of cyber financial crimes across Pakistan.

Analysis of data of complaints, assessed by the CCW-FIA disclosed a substantial decline in the rate of online financial crimes in Pakistan in spite of the excessive use of internet services during the period Covid-19 lockdown, the CCW said.

In pursuance with the directions of the Honourable Prime Minister, Imran Khan, CCW-FIA took stringent measures to curb the increased risk of online financial crimes, in view of the increased exposure of people in cyber space during the lock down period.

In a recent report, the statistics reveal that approximately 50 percent decrease in cyber financial crimes during this period, the CCW said, adding, 488 complaints of cyber financial crimes have been reported during the period of lockdown in comparison with 928 such complaints reported during the corresponding period before lockdown. This, undoubtedly, depicts a considerable decrease in financial loss caused by cyber financial crimes in Pakistan.

During the period of 53 days from 1st March 2010 up to 22nd April 2020, Cyber-crime Wing FIA busted 06 notorious gangs of cyber criminals while putting 45 accused behind the bars. Moreover, formal registration of 39 cases during the said period is reflective of the aggressive crackdown sprung by CCW-FIA to safeguard the general public from the cyber miscreants.

Complaints Received Before Lockdown

According to the statistics, data shows that during the period of 1st March to 22 March, total 923 complaints were registered. Out of which 154 were of online banking frauds, 130 website frauds, 497 mobile banking frauds and 141 social media related frauds were reported.

Complaints Received After Lockdown

Data shows sharp decline in crimes during the period of 23 March to 14 April, total 488 complaints were registered. Out of which 89 were of online banking frauds, 70 website frauds, 273 Mobile banking frauds and 50 social media related frauds were reported.

During this period, on the directions of DG FIA Wajid Zia and under the supervision of ADG Ehsan Sadiq, Cyber Crime Wing also directed its efforts towards dissemination of information about cyber-crimes to the general public in order to make them cognizant of the underlying threats and ploys used by these cyber criminals to trick the innocent citizenry. In addition to the awareness messages, several advisories have been issued and flashed on both social and broadcast media, for the general public with a view to spread awareness about the modus operandi of the cyber criminals, along with the precautionary measures to combat the threat.