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Man booked for displaying arms on social media

By Our crime correspondent
April 22, 2020

Rawalpindi : Ratta Amaral Police arrested Salim Khan for displaying arms on social media and recovered a kalashnikov and ammunition from his possession.

The culprit, Salim Khan use to upload his snaps with armed guns on social media. SP (Rawal) Division Rai Mazhar Iqbal stated that no one will not be allowed to display arms on social media to struck terror in the society adding that Rawalpindi Police will keep continue its crackdown on social evils, terror gangs and display of arms in the city.

Meanwhile, Warris Khan Police arrest three employees for stealing Rs3 lac from shop and dramatising it as burglary. On Police Emergency number 15, three employees made phone call and informed police for burglary. During investigations, all three employees confessed for stealing money themselves and were arrested under telegraph act and misleading the police.

Meanwhile, Racecourse Police arrested a most wanted category-A proclaimed offender who was involved in injuring a shopkeeper during a robbery.

Proclaimed offender, Sohail along his three other aides had injured a milkman in bid of robbery few days back and during investigations also confessed dozens of dacoities and robberies in different areas of the city.

While, Waris Khan Police and Cantt Police arrested three kite-sellers and recovered more than 1,000 kites and kite-strings.