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Common people say greater unity need of the hour

By Zafar Alam Sarwar
April 18, 2020

Common people say they have been crying in the past for solution of their socio-economic problems, now thers is a ray of hope something will be done despite hurdles. Greater unity is needed to achieve progress in agriculture and industrial sectors. “That’s in national interest.”

“That has to be achieved at all cost as we did while struggling for Pakistan; we have to meet the internal and external challenges together for honourable survival.”

“We suffered as victims of inherited class system in different walks of life bearing the burden of sky-high food prices all the time, but now despite all problems, including health and education, we’re united as a nation ready to meet any enemy from within or without; we believe in total unity ordained by Almighty God.”

One has come across young and old citizens who once debated unity of thought and action. Many of them ask who divided the masses in the past.

Young and senior citizens say there’s in fact a crisis of selfless- and-dedicated leadership like the one provided by Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

What is indispensable for a nation? “It’s the people’s unity strengthened by the concept of being one in thought, speech and deed,” elders.

Pakistan’s founder borrowed the idea of unity from one God, one Prophet and one Book. He called upon the people not to forget the motto “unity, faith and discipline”-explaining “faith in God, in ourselves and in our destiny.

Pakistan’s founder was mindful of the military also to defend the homeland; he did not underestimate its role in context of the country’s unity, freedom and survival.

Worth recalling is his address to the Tribal Jirga at the Government House in Peshawar, which had a point of wisdom for civil and military officers who believed in service to the masses: “We must stand united as one nation; in unity lies strength—united we stand, divided we fall.”

Old men rightly point out that the weak and the defenceless in the imperfect world invite aggression from others. “The best way in which we can serve the cause of peace is by removing the temptation from the path of those who think that we are weak and, therefore, they can bully or attack us.”

So, the point is: businessmen and producers should listen to the call of the common people and eventually make the homeland a fort of unity—greater unity.