Monday June 17, 2024

Precaution and sustenance

April 11, 2020

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, Pakistan, like other countries of the world, has suffered badly. On the one side, our economy cannot endure a long lockdown across the country. On the other side, the situation is going from bad to worse daily. Unfortunately, the federal and provincial governments lack coordination. Alongside this, our people are a stumbling block in the way of all these protective measures. They are not implementing the instructions or orders issued by the government. Even the ulema have fully supported the government's precautionary measures calling upon the general public to confine their movement from places of worship, but people are taking things very lightly.

No doubt, the public woes caused by the closure of of business and jobs are greater than ever. The poor are worried how to earn and the government must ensure provision of necessary items to them on an emergent basis. But precautionary measures are also mandatory. Given the prevailing desperate scenario, it is incumbent on all strata of society to execute precautionary measures and save themselves from the adverse effects of the coronavirus.

Guldar Khan Wazir