Monday May 27, 2024

Where do the old go?

April 10, 2020

With the ensuing pandemic Covid-19, life for many – especially the elderly – has become difficult. As we all are aware, the most important remedy not to encounter the virus is to stay home and be safe till the effects of the virus subsides. Amongst the many options made available to meet one’s routine needs without leaving one’s home, all banks have created Digital Banking Apps which when downloaded one is able to pay utility bills and transfer money as per one’s requirements/convenience. Being a senior citizen and a pensioner I too downloaded the app for my bank – HBL. A few days back I needed to transfer some amount through online digital banking. However every time I attempted it, my request for transfer/payment was always declined, with the remarks that “as per State Bank's requirement I have to go to the bank branch for biometric verifications”. Let me add that a couple of months back I had gone through this biometric procedure in the bank’s branch which was unsuccessful. Finally, the bank asked me to fill some forms which I did and was told that I won’t need to go through this hassle again.

I am therefore at a loss to comprehend as to why now I am asked to do the same – and that too under the present crisis? For me to go to the bank is fraught with lot of danger to my health. As such I opted to put up an online complaint to both the HBL and the PM's citizens portal. However, my problem is still not resolved and money transferring and payments of bills has become difficult. In view of this, I therefore request the concerned government authorities, State Bank, NADRA to please come to the rescue of all seniors like me and resolve once for all this chronic problem of biometric-related issues faced by senior citizens.

Group Captain (r) Saeed Nawaz Khan