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ICT to install sanitising walk-through gates

By Our Correspondent
March 31, 2020

Islamabad: The Islamabad Capital Administration (ICT) has decided to install 20 sanitising walk-through gates at different prominent locations of the city to control the spread of corona virus.

In light of the decision, work on installation of sanitising walk-through gates has been commenced. Capital Development Authority (CDA) is assisting ICT Administration in installation of these sanitising walkthrough gates. People will walk through these sanitising gates spraying disinfectants against coronavirus before entering the areas.

Initially these sanitising disinfectants walkthrough gates would be installed at different locations including two at Sabzi Mandi, three at Pak Secretariat, eight gates at 8 different Katchi Abadies, four at ‘Panaghas’ and other public places. After walking though these gates, disinfectants help kill viruses. In this connection, 20 feet long sanitizing walk-through gates are being installed at Sabzi Mandi one at entry and other one at exit of the mandi. The length of these gates will help remove coronavirus from hundreds of people entering the mandi on daily basis. In order to ensure provision of chlorine mixed spray around the clock, water tankers have also been arranged to ensure provision of spray in the tanks attached with these sanitising walk through gates.

The ICT administration also ensuring that the chlorine mixed spray be carried out in accordance with the SOPs issued by Ministry of Health.