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PM launches ICT City App

By Mumtaz Alvi
March 26, 2020

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday launched Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) City App, which had been developed with the collective efforts of the Islamabad administration and the National Information Technology Board, bringing various departments on one page. Speaking at the launching ceremony, Imran congratulated those behind this public service initiative and said the facility was even more important keeping in view the coronavirus pandemic. The facility has been developed on the direction of the prime minister to provide facilities at the citizens’ doorstep. “This is a revolution in the country. It is a tremendous service after its trial in Islamabad; it will be introduced in other cities. It is like taking Pakistan into the 21st century,” he maintained. The prime minister said that as the country becomes advance, it would offer more and more facilities to its citizens and it would save them from lining up in queues and save time as well. He said it would be replicated in the rest of the country afterwards. He noted that the citizens faced great difficulties, running from one office to another and standing in queues. According to the Prime Minister Office, this facility is being built and shared by all organisations on one page through joint efforts of the Islamabad Administration and the National Information Technology Board to reduce human interaction. The purpose of providing online civic services is to protect citizens from long queues and long waiting times in government offices. As many as 43 different services are being provided online to citizens, using information technology. This App includes e-policing, emergency services, domiciles, identity cards, passports land-based, arms licences, vehicle registration, token tax payments, birth and death certificates and other facilities. Especially if there are no masks on a pharmacy to protect the coronavirus, citizens can draw a picture of the pharmacy through the App and send it to the App that will allow the administration to take action on time.