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Prices of daily use items register increase in KP districts

By Our Correspondent
March 25, 2020

GHALLANAI: The prices of the daily use items such as flour, ghee and sugar have registered a sharp increase owing to the shortage of these commodities due to the lockdown and suspension of the transport service.

The shopkeepers at Ghallanai, Mian Mandi, Lakaro, Pandyalai and other areas have increased the prices of the daily use items. The 20kg flour bag was being sold for Rs1050 while prices of ghee and sugar were raised Rs50 and Rs20 per kilo respectively. The increase in the prices of these commodities has added to the woes of the poor people particularly the daily wagers and labourers. On the one hand, they could not find work due to the closure of the bazaars and markets, but on the other hand, the increase in the prices of goods compounded their miseries. They demanded the district government take action against the profiteers to provide relief to them.

TAKHT BHAI: The profiteers in Takht Bhai also started fleecing the poor people by increasing the prices of the daily use items on the pretext of the lockdown. The people complained that some traders and shopkeepers were involved in hoarding.

It was learnt that a 20 kg flour bag was being sold for Rs1150 while the government had fixed its rate at Rs840. Sugar was being sold for Rs84 per kilogram and ghee for 224 per kg. The prices of meat and vegetables also witnessed increased due to alleged hoarding and profiteering.