Sunday September 26, 2021

PM Imran Khan’s strategy to provide relief to people welcomed

March 25, 2020

LAHORE:Prime Minister Imran Khan’s heartwarming and fact-based joint press conference and the NDMA Chairman Lt-Gen Muhammad Afzal’s calculated reassurances to the nation about the strategy & resources being deployed to combat the Covid-19 Pandemic, has largely boosted the morale of the nation.

The general public especially the middle and lower level earning families have highly appreciated the overall spirit and gestures of Prime Minister Imran Khan, his close associates and his trusted team members.

The general public, especially the economically less affluent strata of the society, not only praised the much-awaited and timely measures taken by the Prime Minister and his team to provide economic relief to the middle and the lower class people in the heads of utility bills, fuel prices, school fees and special Rs3,000 per month financial assistance to the poor, have been hailed as the landmark steps taken by the Prime Minister in the wake of a national emergency in the shape of Covid-19. However, daily wagers and the people belonging to lower income class expressed their concern over the amount which has been earmarked for their financial assistance. Many of such daily wagers, labourers, housemaids, vendors and others who have been rendered out of their jobs and have been highly perturbed about their livelihood were of the opinion that Rs3,000 per month was too less an amount to pull through a whole month in these difficult times.

While social distancing in, so far, the best and the only solution to stay safe from Coronavirus, which has already reached our every province and city, the masses seem to take the pandemic in a less serious manner than required.

The level of percussions are required to combat this enemy of humanity lurking in our streets and localities almost 8 out of 10 people have not been able to gras

the gravity of the situation. Many people are still seen socialising in private places, in their homes or on the street corners. They would still go to their relatives with small kids and other family members while throwing all the cautions to the wind and thus exposing themselves and their loved ones to the deadly Coronavirus. Despite the all-out effort made by the government and the socio-cultural segments of society, the nation has not yet woken up from its age old usual slumber.

In words of Imran Khan and all the concerned and the stakeholders, “No government in the world, no matter how militarily powerful, economically sound and medically equipped, can win the war against Coronavirus without a wholehearted support and cooperation from its masses, who should, which seems to be the only way to defeat this fatal menace, move like one body and a really true nation.”