Tuesday July 16, 2024

Religious leader terms corona pandemic wrath of Allah

By Our Correspondent
March 21, 2020

LAHORE: Tanzeem-e-Islami (TI) ameer Hafiz Aakif Saeed said the scare and panic across the world in the wake of coronavirus was no doubt a kind of the wrath of Allah Almighty, befalling largely on the developed world and their oppressor rulers who had subjected innocent Muslims to persecution and genocide over the last 50 years.

In a statement on Friday, he said the developed world had kept silence over USA, Israel, India and Europe committing atrocities against Muslims. Now those subjecting Muslims to curfews were being forced to lock down their own countries. Their streets and markets are vacant like those of a ghost town.

The European countries that had made laws to prohibit Muslim women from covering their faces with veils have been subdued by Allah Almighty in such a way that not only their women, but men, too, have been forced to cover their faces with masks.