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Ex-PTI MNA Dawar Kundi joins PML-N

By Bureau report
March 12, 2020

PESHAWAR: Former Member National Assembly belonging to the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Dawar Khan Kundi announced his decision to join the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) here on Wednesday.

He made the announcement in presence of the PML-N’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa President Amir Muqam and provincial spokesperson Ikhtiar Wali at a press conference in Peshawar. "Only a leader like Nawaz Sharif can bring the country out of the prevailing crises. It is the need of the hour to strengthen Nawaz Sharif's hands for strengthening democracy and democratic institutions," Dawar Kundi said while citing the reasons for quitting PTI and joining the PML-N.

Holding Imran Khan responsible for the deteriorating economic situation in the country, he said the PTI chief first befooled Pakhtuns and then the whole nation in the name of bringing the so-called ‘change’. "Imran Khan has betrayed the whole nation and failed to deliver and fulfill his promises made with the people," he said, adding, the PTI slogan of change was nothing but a great lie through which he deceived the nation. He urged the people to support Nawaz Sharif to pull the country out of the economic, political and administrative crises as the former three-time prime minister has the ability and commitment to put the things on the right track. "The present rulers have neither the capacity and capability nor commitment to introduce reforms to put the country on the path to progress and prosperity," he said. Amir Muqam welcomed Dawar Kundi, who was elected MNA from the Tank-Dera Ismail Khan constituency in the 2013 election, into the PML-N's fold and said his joining would further strength the party as he was a seasoned political worker. “Dawar Kundi’s joining was a confidence in the politics and policies of Nawaz Sharif and no- trust in the PTI and Imran Khan, he stated,” Amir Muqam maintained.

He said there were no differences in PML-N. "It is the only party which gives due importance to the views of the workers making policies," he claimed. Amir Muqam said Shahbaz Sharif would return to the country as soon as Nawaz Sharif’s health stabilised. He also condemned the attack on Nawaz Sharif's personal physician, Dr Adnan Khan in UK and termed it an act of cowardice.