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Police probing assault on Nawaz’s doctor

March 11, 2020

LONDON: The Metropolitan Police Service confirmed on Tuesday that it is investigating the assault on former prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s physician, Dr Adnan Khan, who was assaulted the night before during a routine evening walk in the Park Lane neighbourhood.

Speaking to The News, a police spokesperson said they were “investigating a robbery on Park Lane, W1 at 20:39 hrs on Monday, March 9” which involved Dr Khan. “The victim reported he was approached by two suspects who assaulted him and robbed him of his watch. He did not suffer serious injuries. No arrests; enquiries continue,” the police said.

The police spokesperson added that an officer has been appointed to probe the case. The said officer is in touch with Dr Khan to complete the investigation.

He further explained that for the police, serious injuries mean a life-threatening situation but Dr Adnan Khan is out of such a condition as there is no loss of limb or loss of blood which could pose a threat to the victim’s life. The police said it is making a statement based on what was initially reported, while the investigation has started.

Dr Khan attended hospital for scans of his head, face, and chest which had been hurt in the attack.

Speaking to this correspondent over the phone, Dr Khan said he was attacked as soon as he turned on Upper Brook Street from Park Lane. “I was hit from behind with a metal [object]. I was punched, kicked and thrown on the ground. I couldn’t see faces of the attackers as it was dark and my face was on the floor. I could only see leg of one of the attackers. A motorbike rider stopped as he could see I was being assaulted. I was shouting for help. The attackers hit me with an umbrella and left the broken umbrella behind on the scene,” Dr Khan said, adding that he immediately informed the police about the attack.

Dr Khan then went to hospital for treatment of injuries. On Tuesday, he returned to Avenfield flats and struggled to walk straight. He said: “There are several injuries, but the injury to my ribs on the right side is very painful.”

Dr Khan said the police have appointed a detective officer to investigate the case. He added that he had been receiving threatening phone calls for several days on his mobile phone.