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Cruelty in Delhi

By Senator Rehman Malik
March 06, 2020

Indian Muslims are no more safe in India as Hindu nationalists have declared an open war to eliminate them. This genocide has state backing at all levels including the police, the army and even the higher judiciary.

Prime Minister Modi is very clear and aggressive in his anti-Muslim hatred and is following his agenda against Muslims unhindered. The most recent riots in Delhi are being implemented by his hardcore BJP extremists duly assisted by the RSS and state organs.

We have seen in the recent past that racism and religious hatred can be visibly seen in India where innocent Muslims are being butchered in the capital city right under the nose of Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has made his way to the highest office through violence, aggression and killing.

It was heart-wrenching to see the photographs and videos on social media showing activists of the RSS and BJP in mobs with sticks, iron rods and stones roaming freely on the streets of Delhi beating, humiliating and butchering unarmed Muslims. The cruel mob even didn’t spare those Hindus who came forward to help their Muslim fellow citizens and the journalists covering the riots.

These riots on the streets of Delhi reminded me of Partition. While the international community is advocating for the peaceful solution of the Afghan crisis, the Muslim Ummah including the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is mum on the persecution of Muslims in India and Indian-Occupied Kashmir.

The political scene of the world is changing rapidly with the new development of the US and the Taliban’s peace agreement after nearly 20 years of continuous warfare. The agreement has certainly brought the Afghan Taliban closer to the US.

Modi is a man who has no element of humanity in his personality. He cannot see anybody coming in the way of his dirty politics; therefore, he does not like the rule of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in Delhi. He has killed two birds with one stone by drafting the CAA and NRC.

Modi had already made his mind up as to how to deal with the backlash after the introduction of these two controversial bills which were aimed at to create riots against the Muslims through RSS in the capital so that the allegation of riots could be levelled against the AAP government for its failure to control the rampage.

These riots were deliberately engineered by Modi aimed at killing Muslims and undermining the AAP government in Delhi. In the recent 2020 elections, the AAP won 62 out of 70 seats and the BJP won only 8 seats. Despite being the capital of the state, the people of Delhi have always rejected the BJP’s politics of hate and divide and participated in anti-CAA protests.

The riots in Delhi went on for a few days; 46 innocent people were killed, mostly Muslims. The Delhi Police have been blamed by numerous witnesses for not doing anything to stop the protesters. The Delhi High Court reprimanded the police for failing to register cases against BJP activists for their acts of violence and failure to control the riots. The world witnessed with disappointment that the judge who ordered the arrest of BJP culprits was transferred and a clear message was given that it is the BJP which is killing the Muslims whereas the police themselves participated in the killing of Muslims instead of protecting them. The international community must come forward and help the Muslims in India.

Modi has emerged as the cruellest man in this region. Even though the world knows that he has brought unprecedented miseries for Indian Muslims, yet they have turned a deaf ear. The Delhi killings were organized under a plan which is now unfolding and PM Modi has the ability to divide India forever if he continues this way.

The Delhi riots have horrified people across the world and will remain an ugly scar on the face of humanity. The Indian media is under strict restrictions to block coverage of these riots and many media networks in India are influenced by the BJP.

Where is the Indian Supreme Court and the opposition of India? Why are they standing by as silent spectators to the heinous crimes carried out by the workers of the BJP? It is unfortunate to see that all Indian state machineries including the apex judiciary is criminally silent on the killings of oppressed Muslims. Where are international human rights bodies who were supposed to be in Delhi?

Modi is heading his way to the next elections and the international community is witnessing his crimes against humanity; Indian Muslims have the right to demand the trial of Modi for war crimes. The people of Delhi didn’t approve of the BJP’s ideology, therefore the BJP has given them a strong message for voting for the Aam Aadmi Party. I fear that the same could be replicated in other states of India where the BJP is not in power — turning India into a battlefield for anti-Muslim riots.

The seeds of hatred have already been sown in the last six years, which will prove disastrous in the days to come. PM Modi is anarchic by nature and hence he has no respect for human rights, norms, values and international laws. He shall be remembered in history as another Nazi and the Butcher of Gujarat, Kashmir and Delhi. I would also like to register my protest to the UN for failing to stop the ongoing genocide of Muslims in India and Indian-Occupied Kashmir by PM Narendra Modi.

Note: the opinions expressed are solely my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of my party.

The writer is former interiorminister of Pakistan.


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