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Cop detains witnesses, accused to resolve clash

By Salman Aslam
February 29, 2020

LAHORE:A sub-inspector of Mozang police detained two boys and two members of the accused party in police lock-up on Friday.

The accused identified as Amir Sadique, Ahsan, Manzoor and an accomplice came to the house of Chaudhry Waheed, resident of Mohalla Vayrian Main Bazaar, Mozang, at around 10:30pm on Thursday and started kicking the main door of the house, hurling abuses and life threats at the men and women of the house and escaped. The accused Amir Sadique happened to be a next door neighbour of the complainant Chaudhry Waheed. The family called 15 Emergency Police on which four Dolphin officials reached there after 30 minutes and asked the family to go to the police station and file a complaint against the accused persons.

Chaudhry Waheed along with locals of the area reached Mozang police station and met the Mozang SHO who patiently listened to the complainant. Meanwhile, one of the accused persons Ahsan approached the SI Bilal who along with officials was patrolling the area, narrated a false story and took them to the house of Chaudhry Waheed at around 11:30pm. The house inmates informed the SI Bilal that the complainant Chaudhry Waheed and locals of the area were already present at the Mozang police station.

The SI Bilal took Ahsan to the police station and produced him before the SHO who admonished Ahsan for misbehaving with the women of the house along with his accomplices.

Mozang SHO asked the complainant Chaudhry Waheed to go home and directed the officials to register a case against Ahsan and his accomplices. Chaudhry Waheed and locals of the area left the police station at around 12:25pm.

However, the SI Bilal turned the tables on the complainant Chaudhry Waheeed with a new revelation at around 1:45am and asked him to immediately reach the police station; otherwise, he would take one-sided action against him. On the repeated calls of the SI Bilal, Chaudhry Waheed and locals of the area again gathered and reached the police station.

The SI Bilal informed Chaudhry Waheed that Ahsan had filed a complaint against him, his brother suffering from cancer and his sons of manhandling him when he was passing through Main Bazaar, Mozang.

Ironically, the SI Bilal detained two locals of the area Muhammad Imran and Sharjeel who had nothing to do with the whole issue and went to the police station to record their statement as witnesses against Ahsan and his men.

The SI also detained Ahsan and Suhail of the accused party. He resolved the issue with the consent of the accused party and arrested two innocent boys and two members of the accused party by applying 751 of the CrPc.

The accused Amir Sadique, next door neighbour of Chaudhry Waheed, had nursed a grudge against Chaudhry Waheed on becoming the president of committee of Onchi Masjid, Main Bazaar, Mozang.

CCPO Lahore Zulfiqar Hameed has taken notice of the incident and directed the SP Civil Lines to look into the matter and take action against the persons responsible for the incident.

When contacted, SP Civil Lines Dost Muhammad Khosa said that he was personally probing into the matter and would take stern action against the SI Bilal, if proved guilty during the course of inquiry, and against those who had attacked the house of Chaudhry Waheed.