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President Trump’s visit to butcher of Kashmir


February 25, 2020

Sitara-e -Shujaat,


Prime Minister Narendra Modi emerged in world scene as butcher of Gujarat when 1000 Muslims were killed in his own native town Gujarat and he as chief minister allowed this to happen. A senior Indian Intelligence Officer Sanjiv Bhatt, in his sworn statement in the Supreme Court alleged that the Chief Minister Narendra Modi deliberately allowed anti-Muslim riots, telling “officials that the Muslim community needed to be taught a lesson following an attack on a train carrying Hindu pilgrims.” PM Modi also allowed tragic killing of his direct opponent in his election where he was killed by first cutting his legs then arms and finally cut his throat. People of Gujarat have not forgotten yet that scene of genocide.

In February 2002, Hindu fundamentalists carried out a genocidal ethnic cleansing of Muslims in the state of Gujarat in a pre-planned manner with the police and the BJP state governor of Narendra Modi. Reportedly, between 2,000 and 5,000 Muslims were slaughtered and more than 150,000 rendered homeless and destitute. Human Rights investigators were horrific of what they found in Gujarat and the perpetrators continue to boast of Gujarat as a model for the rest of the Hindu fundamentalists. The ongoing propaganda of hatred towards Muslims and Christians in educational system; continuing economic boycott of Muslims in Gujarat and horrifically violent rape against Muslim women are still happening in India with the connivance of PM Modi and RSS.

The atrocities and brutalities committed in Gujarat under the nose and open collaboration of the then Chief Minister Modi with Hindu fundamentalists made him to be included in the top ten wanted list of USA being the butcher of Gujarat.

Now see the audacity of this man that he is taking the president of USA at the same crime scene without any remorse or regret and one wonders as to why President Trump has not been briefed about this crime scene which is a scar on the face of humanity. The cries of innocent people would still be echoing there asking for justice from the State of India and human rights bodies.

I hope President Trump will say few words of sympathy to the victim families and remind PM Modi his crimes against humanity. President Donald Trump has arrived India which is a hub of highest rate of extremism in the hands of the terrorist organisation RSS that is ruling through its lifetime member PM Modi where the human life holds no value.

Mr president, it is the same country whose Prime Minister Narendra Modi was declared, in the recent past, by America as one of the top ten extremists in the world after he earned the title of Butcher of Gujarat. USA had also put ban upon his entry into the United States of America in 2005 under the International Religious Freedom Act (IRFA) provision of US Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).

It is only a soft reminder for the people of USA that it was Pakistan who fought war on terror with USA and not India rather it supported “shoe bomber” who was set to carry out terrorist attack in USA. Let me remind the USA historians and President Donald Trump that It was Pakistan which sacrificed over 70,000 innocent people in America’s war on terror whereas PM Modi have done nothing in this war on terror. After all these sacrifices, Pakistan is still a suspect whereas Modi has emerged as the darling of USA in comparison with Pakistan’s unparalleled sacrifices in your war against terrorism. People of USA, especially, would like to know the criteria of America for friendship with a country with such high rate of atrocities and intolerance against the minorities including Muslims and Christians.

Pakistan has always tried its best to help USA but USA in turn has always treated us like its own colony. The treatment of USA to Pakistan is not acceptable by the people of Pakistan by any standards as when it comes to sacrifices of both life & properties, USA looked for help from Pakistan but when it comes to giving out rewards then it is always India which is already declared favourite nation by USA. Pakistan has a question; Why Mr. President?

President Donald Trump! Do I need to remind you what India has done in Kashmir by scraping the Article 370 and to his own Indian Muslim nationals by announcing Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Registration of Citizen (NRC), which are discriminatory laws and against the interfaith harmony and UN Charter of human rights? The extremism is in full swing in India and particularly Muslims are the targets of extremism of Indian government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

According to the authentic reports of Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) dated 14th June, 2018 and 8th July, 2019, so far more than 94,000 Kashmiris have been killed, 7,000 persons have been killed in Indian custody, 22,000 women have been widowed, 105,000 children have been orphaned and 10,000 women have been raped and molested by Indian military and paramilitary troops, more than 8,000 people have gone missing in enforced disappearances by Indian forces.

Pakistan and Kashmiris are grateful to you for your kind initiative to have offered your mediation which was turned down by PM Modi which exhibited his conceited attitude. It was really surprising to see how undiplomatically he negated your statement that you were offered by PM Modi to play a role of mediation on Kashmir issue. And by this heedless and undiplomatic denial, the Indian prime minister has not only insulted the president of a democratic country but also the people of the USA as he has aggravated the environment of frustration between the two countries.

One cannot expect anything positive from the Indian prime minister due to his war hysteria which I have elaborated in my book “Modi's War Doctrine; Indian Anti-Pakistan Syndrome."

I feel that PM Modi owes an apology to you for undermining the president of USA especially after you extended this offer for a noble cause.

Mr. President! You need to know that these two nuclear states are sitting on volcano because this issue of Kashmir which might spark war any time in this region can also drag the whole world into world war 111 which I am sure neither American people, nor you as president of USA would like to happen.

Mr. President, in-fact we as nation were expecting that you would have considered to have first come Pakistan in order to mark respect to the victims of your war on terror. Your meeting with victims of war and US drone attacks and visit to former FATA area would have heeled their wounds. We still welcome you into this region and I appeal to you on behalf of my nation and ever suffering oppressed Kashmiris to press upon PM Modi to act in the following without further loss of time for the sake of regional peace.

1. It is 203rd day of curfew in Indian Held Jammu & Kashmir and Kashmiris are facing hardships. They are being killed on daily basis and Muslim women are being raped by Indian military and paramilitary forces with the state-backing. Kindly ask PM Modi to lift the curfew immediately and stop killing of Kashmiris and raping of Muslim women.

2. Please ask PM Modi to announce a date for the right of self-determination as per the Resolution No.47 of UNSC, adopted on 21 April 1948, which has been violated by Modi’s Government after it abrogated the special status of Kashmir under Article 370 and Article 35A.

3. Kindly ensure that the old status of Kashmir is restored and brutalities against Kashmiris by Indian Military are put to end.

4. Press upon to withdraw the discriminatory laws; CAA & NRC as the oppressed Muslim of India are looking for your intervention.

5. Convince PM Modi to accept your kind offer of mediation in resolving Kashmir issue with Pakistan.

Being the head of a world power, this is the least you owe to the oppressed Kashmiris as they are actually looking towards to you.

I would like to say that PM Modi does not deserve respect but should have been tried for his crime against humanity. According to my assessment he has invited you Mr. President to cover his odd actions in India and brutalities in Kashmir. He is trying to divert the world attention from his crimes against humanity and oppressed Kashmiris.

We consider few hours stop to visit your partner in the fight against terrorists. This courtesy will be your balancing act and it will send good signal worldwide.

These are my personal views and do not necessarily represent the views of my party.

The writer is former interior minister of Pakistan, Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior and Chairman of Think Tank "Global Eye". He can be reached at: [email protected] and Twitter @Senrehmanmalik