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TikTok introduces family safety mode

By News Desk
February 22, 2020

It is worth noting that these features were already available on the app. However, the big difference being is that the new Family Safety Mode puts control in the hands of parents and guardians rather than the users themselves.

TikTok has grown its users base exponentially in the last year, making it one of the most popular apps of 2019. Considering a massive chunk of TikTok users are teenagers and young adults, TikTok has decided to give parents more control over how long their kids can spend on the app.

TikTok is rolling out the 'Family Safety Mode' that will allow parents to monitor their children's activities on the platform. The mode is aimed at helping parents set limits on the time their children spend on the app.

In a TikTok blog post, Cormac Keenan, Head of Trust and Safety, EMEA at TikTok, wrote, “As part of our commitment to safety, the wellbeing of our users is incredibly important to us.”