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China develops J-20 stealth fighter jet to control sky

By Muhammad Saleh Zaafir
January 23, 2020

ISLAMABAD: China’s domestically developed J-20 stealth fighter jet, the most sophisticated among the contemporaries, would be controlling skies this year as China has announced its plan producing company would develop nine types of aircraft, conducting maiden flights for four types of aircraft, and receive a production permit for one type of aircraft in 2020.

According to credible Chinese report, Chinese military enthusiasts are eagerly expecting new, homemade warplanes to debut in 2020, naming the next-generation aircraft carrier-based fighter jet and the carrier-based early warning aircraft as their top wishes.

They will see domestically developed aero engines finally equipped on J-20 stealth fighter jets.

The statement from the state-owned Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), in which the country's main warplane developer company announced that it would develop nine types of aircraft, conduct maiden flights for four types of aircraft, and receive a production permit for one type of aircraft in 2020. While the development plan may not be revealed to the public immediately, the maiden flights are more concrete.

China's military aviation equipment will definitely continue to see new progress in 2020. China needs to develop a stealth-capable carrier-based fighter jet to form a complete set with the country's future aircraft carrier, air defence an expert told the media.

A replica of China's carrier-based early warning aircraft was spotted years ago. This type of aircraft could amplify aircraft carrier's combat capability by acting as a command center in the sky, gathering information and coordinating vessels into a stronger strike force, experts said.

The J-20, still single seat but equipped with homemade engines, as military enthusiasts said they also wish to see this evolved version of the J-20 debut at the 2020 Air-show China, scheduled for November in Zhuhai, South China's Guangdong province.

The state-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC) indicated AVIC is developing an "X-20," which have been identified as the H-20 bomber.

Replying to comments under the post, SASAC said the X-20 is "coming soon," but refused to confirm the H-20 speculation. Analysts said the H-20 is unlikely to debut in 2020 and will take more time to develop.