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Death sentence to Musharraf: APML workers protest continues in Hazara

December 23, 2019

ABBOTTABAD: The activists and workers of All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) have staged protest across Hazara division against the special court’s decision awarding death sentence to the former president Gen. (R) Pervez Musharaf.

The rally commenced from Jalal Baba Auditorium and culminated at Abbottabad Press Club chanting slogans in favour of the former president. The APML workers said the former president served the country for more than 40 years in uniform and fought two wars for the motherland; therefore it is unjust to declare him as traitor. They said for the first time the sentence was handed down in his absentia and neither the defendant nor his lawyers was given opportunity to plead the case. They further said that former president was agreed to record his statement to a special commission but it was ignored.

The workers said that former President Gen. (R) Pervez Musharaf was not in position owing to poor health conditions to come to Pakistan and appear before the special court and record his statement.

In Manshera while addressing the protestors the local leaders of APML said that Musharaf is the savior of the country nor traitor. Through people-friendly policies he made the country economic power and also strengthened the defense of Pakistan.

In Haripur, the protestors said that Gen. (R) Musharaf is a law-abiding citizen who believed in the supremacy of justice. However the special court gave the verdict in haste without fulfilling the legal formalities in line with the Constitution.