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National Voters Day celebrated

December 07, 2019

Rawalpindi :National Voters Day was celebrated by the Election Commission of Pakistan on Thursday throughout the country, says a press release.

In Rawalpindi, a seminar on National Voters Day was held by the with Regional Election Commissioner, District Election Commissioners, Rawalpindi in the District Council Hall, which was attended by the people from various walks of like life, including District Administration, Rawalpindi, heads of lines departments i.e. education, social welfare, cantonment boards, local government, business community, youth and students, civil society organisations advocating rights of women, persons with disability, minorities and transgender.

Speakers highlighted importance and stressed on voters education to use the right to vote effectively and wisely, which would cause strengthening of democratic process in the country.

Amongst prominent speakers were, Aziz Bahadar, district election commissioner-I, Muhammad Saleem Akhtar Khan, district election commissioner-II, Rawalpindi, Maliha Jamal, additional deputy commissioner (P&F), Nousherwan Khalil Khan, senior vice president RCCI, Almas Bobby, president She-Male Association, Zulqarnain Asghar, CEO, PMHA, Tahira Mushtaq, Bilal Azafar Abbasi, and other speakers emphasised that people would not be able to elect representatives reflecting their ideals into policies and governance without increasing the turn-out in elections make their vote count for the right candidates. On behalf of the Election Commission of Pakistan, Aziz Bahadar assured that they have successfully prepared computerised electoral rolls for elections.