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Mideast and South Asian tsunami — spring in making

By Senator Rehman Malik
October 07, 2019

The world has been experiencing various geographic and political transformations as 2 world wars and uncountable number of proxy wars have been fought among the countries till today.

Wars are fought because every country wants dominance over other countries that are comparatively weak. The major reasons of war include political balances of power, religious or cultural reasons, land or resources or mainly over the arms conflict. The political leaders that go for war never realise that wars bring destruction and miseries for the nations as their infrastructure is destroyed, numerous deaths and economy is paralysed.

In World War 1, Germany had lost their two important coal mines namely Alsace and Lorraine and their two ports (Danzig and Mamel) as well because of which new countries were carved out like Poland, Czechoslovakia etc. Moreover, they had to pay war reparations of 6600 million pounds in a single installment. When Hitler came to power he disliked the treaty and invaded Poland which triggered the World War 2 in 1939. Italy also under Mussolini extended support to Hitler because they felt they were not treated properly in the Paris peace conference after World War 1. The basic factors of igniting wars are the same in the world as two countries in war can suck other countries into such fiascos without realising its fall backs.

We witnessed the fall of Hitler in the hands of west in World War 2 which changed the face of the world. It forced the nations to start designing strategies in addition to conventional war. The new strategies are now being transformed into hybrid war concepts. The hybrid war strategy is a blend of conventional warfare, irregular warfare as well as cyberwar fare which include different methods to gain political interests either through diplomacy, law fare, fake news, foreign electoral interventions, propagandas or terrorist acts and destruction of economies etc.

Japan was the first one to have realised and acted smart and adopted the best strategy by saying no war but to improve the economy and hence it emerged as economic tycoon. Japan decided in time not to indulge in the war politics.

Similarly China copies the same model and despite having the best war weapons they decided not to indulge in the war business but to do business and protect itself with its best diplomatic policies.

The emergence of China as second best economy of the world, its impressive development in the sector of IT and its appearance as one of the influential world force is not being digested by the West.

The world is witnessing a Cold War and exchange of unpleasant words developing more distrust between USA & China. It could incite further bad taste between the two countries and its trickling effects are indirectly affecting the entire world.

North Korea has come with nuclear capability and its behaviour is unique as its playing hide and seek with USA. It is another pressing point of irritation for USA. We are watching a game of mild displeasures more often and it looks as of the North Korean young leader Kim Jong Un is trying to tease Donald Trump.

This Mid- East South Asian Spring facilitated against Muslim world will be conspired & facilitated by PM Modi his RSS coupled with ISIS. The alliance is in making especially the recent statement of PM Modi on 22nd Sept from Huston USA to show his resolve to fight with Islamic terrorists and what about his RSS -The world will continue to face the war and game of domination either through conventional or hybrid wars or even destabilisation through dirty tricks destabilising key quotients by the hostile countries.

The world is witnessing a complete change of strategies and the political dirty tricks are being deployed to destabilise the regions and countries.

There are three factors which normally are injected by the covert designers of the world to destabilise the countries and the regions to create internal destabilising factors within the countries. The world has witnessed that the designers have used the local population using religion, poverty and internal serious conflicts as the book by former CIA officer Philips Agee is witness to it. Philips Agee worked for the CIA as case officer from 1957 to 1969 until he resigned in 1969. In 1975 he published a book namely Inside the Company: CIA Diary about covert and dirty operations of CIA. He disclosed the identities of his former CIA operatives and also disclosed how countries are destabilised by USA’s policy of supporting military dictatorships. The regimes supported by the CIA have no value for human lives but immense torture, executions and death squads". The book stunned the world as he accused the US intelligence agency of "state terrorism", authorised by the White House in the book.

The world is becoming more dangerous as the race of the supremacy & overpowerment and possession of natural resources are the factors which are being used by the international designers. With the passage of time the awareness in the new generation forced the end of colonial system. These colonies marched towards independence, which led to the post-independence struggle between democracy and the communism.

This conflict of democracy & communism brought an unannounced covert war which ultimately resulted in actualising the revolutions of Iran, elimination of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Afghan monarchy as the west thought that this leadership have their tilt towards USSR so they ultimately made Jihadis to serve in their hands.

After the disintegration of the USSR, the focus shifted from communism to anti-Islam and that is why the Islamic Terrorism was introduced in the world. The religion card was initiated, financed and supported by the west which is still continuing and all the sub Muslim regions are suffering in the hands of the religious extremists.

The world continued to fight in Afghanistan with the divided self-motivated interests. It was a senseless war which is still continuing in Afghanistan at the cost of the suffering of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Any miss-venture in the Middle East will make Middle East, Turkey, Syria and Pakistan one battle Zone which looks like an early form of Mid-East – South Asian Spring; a replication of Arab Spring.

The countries, sub regions and regions are already infected with war virus and if not treated well by the political doctors of these regions, the future generations might not excuse the irresponsibility of the present political doctors for not discharging their national and Islamic duties.

Is it not worth considering as to why this non-stop trouble comes up every time through Jihadist, Taliban or al-Qaeda? Now it’s from the new players like Daesh/ ISIS whereas Houthis are emerging as an offshoot of the al-Qaeda. Middle East countries, Iran, Turkey, Kurdistan are getting into deeper trouble as one has to see who is stopping them not to resist such blatant and naked moves against them from west.

Regions/sub region’s issues are created as a part of conspiracies and the duty of the leadership is to counter them with strategic unity of the region in the larger interest of the regions/ sub regions as indicated above. I am hopeful that the sense will prevail and these countries will manage to sit on a table to point out their common objective and act with unity, without fear of technology or fear of loss of power. I unfortunately foresee more troubles in coming months if such moves within this region are not halted by those who have the ability to perform. If the Muslim leadership does not get up and work out counter measure then the storm of Mid- East/South Asia spring would bring more destruction.

I appeal to the present top leadership to watch, assess and act to stop this monster which has the ability to do bring further destruction.

The writer is former interior minister of Pakistan, Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior and Chairman of Think Tank "Global Eye". He can be reached at:, Twitter @Senrehmanmalik