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Pak defence, strong economy ultimate objective

By Zafar Alam Sarwar
September 07, 2019

Just a few years back, a British official highlighted the significance of harmony between the people and armed forces of Pakistan to meet external and internal challenges. Terrorism had to be dealt with iron hand.

Talking to representatives of Pakistani community in London, the then foreign secretary David Miliband appreciated Pakistan’s commitment to root out extremism and military action against Taliban in the restive tribal areas.

Reportedly, he had wished Pakistan to be democratic, saying his country would work for strengthening of a people’s government and all its institutions in Pakistan.

Everybody now knows how much essential is co-operation between citizens and armed forces from defence point of view. Citizens realise the value of working together for a common cause when the need arises.

The fact that unity of all segments of society is vital to defence of a state was amply proved by the Pakistani nation during the 1965 September war. People’s co-operation with the army against Indian aggression bore the fruit and the enemy was humiliated at a number of fronts, including Chowinda (Sialkot).

The Pakistan navy and air force also set a new record of prowess. Today, the masses and armed forces are united as the founder of Pakistan had envisioned.

It’s a matter of pride that our forces are considered one of the best in the world: credit goes to generals as well as soldiers. People respect all of them. The current Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa is as dear to them as was General (r) Raheel Sharif who carried out operations in North Waziristan which stabilised the country’s north-west and expanded the paramilitary role for peace in Karachi, commercial capital of Pakistan.

True, General (r) Sharif also developed a new military unit for protection and security of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, which runs through Balochistan province. There are many more achievements in the direction of eventual economic strength.

Army Chief General Bajwa also has won the hearts of the people of Rawalpindi-Islamabad and surrounding areas by following in the same direction of service to motherland. Citizens have in mind his words to troops during his visit to North Waziristan on November 30: “We will continue to move ahead—(and consolidate)—the gains made so far.”

What has emboldened the common man is Gen. Bajwa’s determination that terrorists would not be allowed to stage any comeback. “Defence and security of Pakistan against external and internal threats would remain my ultimate objective.”