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‘Iftar’ get together gaining popularity

May 27, 2019

Islamabad : The culture of arranging ‘iftar’ get together for relatives, friends and colleagues at both at homes and restaurants is on rise across the country especially among youngsters as the holy month of Ramazan enters the last ‘ashra’.

Over the last few years, this new trend has gained popularity among doctors, politicians, bureaucrats, lawyers, and people from almost all walks of life turn ‘iftar’ parties into an opportunity to interact with people belonging to cross sections of the society. According to a family, Ramazan is the month of fasting, yes, but it’s also the month of giving, adding, our hearts and hands open widely, we love to invite people over because the reward to feed a fasting person is tremendous.

Having the family together for ‘iftar’ means being able to enjoy the presence of those around you, while nourishing yourself with food prepared with love and care, Humma Ismail said.

We have received a couple of invitations for ‘iftar’ from his friends and relatives but in last ‘ashra’ we proffered to get together with our friends outdoors, said Daniyal Javed.

It is a good tradition as it brings people closer and the hosts earn benevolence of Allah Almighty, he added.

Waniya Umair with arranging party outdoor also commented, that Ramazan is a month of blessings and sharing time with one and other in the wake of Iftar parties as people do not find any leisure time throughout the year due to their busy schedule.