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Students celebrate Day of Living Together in Peace

May 15, 2019

Rawalpindi : All campuses of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School celebrated the International Day of Living Together in Peace through a series of activities and special assemblies, says a press release.

The SLS, Civil lines Montessori Branch held a special assembly in this regard giving various presentations on what is peace and how can we all live together peacefully. The assembly started off when one of the teachers explained the meaning of peace to the students. The students sat in the school ground ‘peacefully’ wearing headbands with peace-dove origami’s pasted on them and listened to their teacher carefully.

To involve the students and to make them participate with the performers “The Alphabet” song was sung. A group of students dressed up in white sang the song memorising the spellings of PEACE, the audience followed them and sang along cheerfully. Displaying their dramatic skills a group of students came up on the stage and performed on a skit sharing with others small acts that can allow us to live together peacefully. A classroom setting was displayed in this regard executing the message according to the level of the Montessori students.

Next up came a group of student’s wearing traditional dresses and performed on the song “Kya Hum Aik Hain?”. The coordination, gestures and expressions of the students were praise worthy as they delivered a very strong message through their performance that we should rise above and think beyond the differences of cast, colour and religion as it only leads to distress. Short messages were also shared by the students. Holding colourful placards mounted on sticks the students came one by one and shared messages highlighting the importance of gratitude, understanding, compassion and of course a smile as ‘Peace begins with a smile’.

An art activity was also held in which the students made a “Peace Painting” which was later displayed in the school ground. Section Head Naghmana Iftikhar appreciated the performers and the teachers for a well prepared assembly. The special assembly came to an end when the students made a pledge to show tolerance and respect towards each other in order to live together peacefully.