Friday February 23, 2024

Modi slams opposition for demanding Balakot proof

By Our Correspondent
March 30, 2019

ISLAMABAD: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again slammed his opposition for demanding proof of the Balakot air strike while in his words “Pakistan is still counting the number of bodies.”

Speaking at a mega election rally in Odisha’s Koraput, Modi, who has been lying in the matter unabatedly said, “It has been a month and Pakistan is still counting the bodies. When India takes action against terrorists, enters their home and kills them, even then some people here ask for proof.”

Several opposition parties in India have rejected the claims of 300 terrorists being killed in the Balakot air strike, in which the Indian Air Force (IAF) destroyed a major terror camp. He came down heavily on opposition parties who he said, “belittled” the space achievement.