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Art, craft exhibition in Walled City

March 10, 2019

LAHORE : An art, craft and antique exhibition “Unveiling the Beauty” organised by a home decor store was held at Haveli Barood Khana in the Walled City here on Saturday.

A large number of people from different walks of life, including art lovers, art collectors and journalists, thronged to see the exhibition, featuring plenty of beautifully-crafted products ranging from small jewellery box to a gigantic mask, more than 8 feet tall.

The very entrance of the Haveli featured almost a full-size tonga welcoming the visitors to the exhibition which can be termed a blend of traditional and modern art and craft. From wall hangings to masks, decor pieces, accessories and furniture, the exhibition provided ample evidence of local craftsmen’s skills and mastery of the art. Besides the gigantic mask, little birds and animal models, a tonga wheel featuring floral patterns as seen in Pakistani truck art and stunning antique utensils made of pure copper attracted attention of the visitors. Talking to The News, the store’s founder, Rida Shoaib, said the exhibition was an attempt to empower the local craftsmen by showcasing their amazing products. She added the exhibition was also an effort to show traditional and modern arts at one place with an aim to promote quality work that had aesthetic appeal.

The exhibition continued from 11am to 6pm without any break.