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Sindh govt forms panel for police reforms

By Imdad Soomro
March 05, 2019

KARACHI: The Sindh government formed a dedicated sub-committee for re-structuring and institutional reforms on police under the government of Sindh’s ‘Task Force Reforms and Civil Reforms (TFRCR). According to the official notification, the sub-committee dedicated for the issue will comprise of Home Secretary, Inspector General of Police (IGP) Sindh, one member from ‘Task Force Reforms and Civil Reforms (TFRCR), two members from department concerned, two opted members from civil society having experience and interest in relevant field to be nominated by administrative department. The Terms of Reference (ToRs) of the sub-committee, according to the official documents, would review existing institutional structure and identify its weaknesses and strength given the nature of work, its size and requirements, recommend specific departmental re-structuring including rightsising, rationalising, deletion of the radiant wings’ posts and units and empowering units required given the exigencies of times. The restructuring must specifically be designed to make the department, wings more efficient and productive and reduce red tape, provide road map for digital governance, efficiency and public ease and a service delivery which is responsive and accountable, study civil service structure model in developed countries and also countries which comparable socio-economic development as need of Pakistan and recommend specific service reforms in terms of structure, induction career path, incentives and trainings. Senior officers of Sindh bureaucracy and police department believe that implementation of sub-committee's recommendations would bring big changes and enhance the abilities of police department.