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‘Peace needs to be promoted to replace radical approach’

February 27, 2019

Islamabad : Terrorism could not be controlled unless conflicts such as Syria, Kashmir and Palestine are resolved and a mindset of peace is promoted to replace the radical approach.

These views were expressed by President Emirates Policy Centre Dr. Ebtesam al-Ketbi while talking about ‘Foreign Policy Initiatives of United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Contributions Towards War on Terror’ at an international conference titled ‘Forging Cordial Relations between Pakistan and UAE through mutual Cooperation for Peace and Security of the Region.’ The conference was jointly organised by Centre for Global and Strategic Studies (CGSS) and Embassy of UAE on Tuesday.

Addressed by federal ministers, UAE ambassador, experts on international affairs and former Pakistani ambassadors to UAE, the conference had an extensive discussion on the history and future of UAE Pakistan relations. The speakers talked about the cordial relationship between the two countries and growing strategic and economic relations of UAE and Pakistan in the changing geopolitical situation.

Ebtesam said that terrorism should not be linked with religion. “Nowadays, the concept of extremism and terrorism is often related to Islam, which is not correct. If we study the history, there had been extremist attempts which were not related to any religion. Therefore, it is incorrect to relate extremism with any religion,” she said.

The conference commenced with the opening remarks by President CGSS Major General (r) Muhammad Syed Khalid Amir Jaffery stated that prospects are bright and opportunities are vast to further strengthen UAE-Pakistan bilateral relations.

Ambassador of United Arab Emirates Hamad Obaid Alzaabi, said that currently, Pakistan -- UAE relations are at its highest point as there had been three high level visits in the past five months. He said that UAE the single largest investor in Pakistan in the first decade of this century and ensured commitment to work jointly for mutual benefit of both brotherly countries.

Prime Minister’s Special Assistant on Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development Zulfiqar Bukhari, expressed his views on ‘Pakistan and UAE: Key Players in Regional Peace and Economic Development.’ He conveyed his gratitude to the brotherly Ambassador of United Arab Emirates. He said that UAE has been a home of cricket for Pakistan and both countries are achieving milestones. “Institutions of both counties are having deep cooperation and we are looking forward to the Digital Dubai model to be implemented in Pakistan soon,” he said while urging for extended role for Pakistan in Expo 2020.

He praised UAE for keeping its heritage and faith intact but at the same time allowed exclusivity welcoming other countries to come and live the way they want to live. “UAE is right in the middle of the region which is completely devastated by conflict yet it managed to survive and kept itself away from a form of conflict. It is an achievement far bigger then we can imagine,” he said.

Minister of State for Climate Change Zartaj Gul Wazir said that the Pakistan believes in prosperity and peace. “People must come to Pakistan and see whatever is being portrayed about Pakistan is not true. We believe in humanity and we are a peaceful nation,” she said.

Federal Minister of State for Accountability Barrister Mirza Shahzad Akbar talked about ‘UAE – A Beacon of Humanitarian Assistance Globally’ with special focus on Yemen, Egypt and Pakistan. He stated that UAE’s growth is phenomenal but it happened by putting priorities in the right order. “Due to this critical juncture, they are in a phase of lending hand to others. He said that Muslims should stand united as a group which has its own voice and value.

Former Ambassador of Pakistan to UAE Asif Durrani, spoke on ‘UAE - Pakistan Strategic Relationship and Way Forward.’ He highlighted the need to curb money laundering activities in both the countries.