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Punjab govt takes charge of Bahawalpur madrassa, masjid

February 23, 2019

ISLAMABAD: The Punjab government has taken over the administrative charge of Jamia Masjid Subhan Allah and Madrassa Al-Sabir in Bahawalpur while expediting implementation of the National Action Plan.

The decision has been made in line with the National Security Committee meeting held on Thursday, a spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior said.

He said the Indian media was associating Jamia Masjid Subhan Allah and Madrassa Al-Sabir with the training centres of Jaesh-e-Mohammad (JEM), adding while they are purely a Jamia Masjid and a seminary where hundreds of orphan education programmes are also available, he stated.

He said a large number of people of Bahawalpur are supporting the seminary through charity and donations. They are also providing free of charge rice and other food stuff to feed the destitute students and the faculty at the campus.

The monthly monitoring of the mosque, the madressa and other the madressas were conducted regularly by special branch, counter terrorism department (CTD) and other law enforcement agencies, he said.