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PATO concerned over reduced flights to Chitral

By Afshan S. Khan
February 17, 2019

Islamabad : Pakistan Association of Tour Operators (PATO ) in a meeting held here at PATO office here on Saturday, showed their concern over PIA's decision in reducing flights to Chitral.

Appreciating the present government keen interest to promote tourism PATO President Maqsood ul Mulk pointed out that we have to go a step ahead to help Prime Minister Imran Khan achieve his goals. Appealing to the KPK government he pointed out that Chitral is its prime tourist destination carrying Pakistan best image of culture, religious diversity, peace and soft image of the country. Reducing flights does not promote tourism for this area. Regular flights at least four times a week would help facilitate more people to visit this region and help the government achieve its goals. A meeting with PIA needs to be set up at the federal government level to sort this issue.

During the meeting Karrar Haidri Secretary Alpine Club of Pakistan said that road to Chitral is usually blocked during rains and snowfall and in emergency cases people have no other option to access other parts of the country. He said that reducing flights had greatly reduced flow of tourists also. He hopes that Prime Minister Imran Khan Government will take necessary action to enhance the regular flight from Chitral and Gilgit Baltistan and reduce the high fare. President PATO Maqsood Ul Mulk, Secretary PATO Sadar Uddin Hunzai and all members of cabinet were present at the occasion.