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Condolence reference

By Our Correspondent
January 22, 2019

LANDIKOTAL: A condolence reference was held on Monday to pay tributes to renowned spiritual leader Pir Sheikh Gul Sahib.

The programme was arranged at the Jamia Junaidia Gul Wali in Landikotal subdivision of the Khyber tribal district. A large number of people, including scholars and followers of Pir Sheikh Gul Sahib, attended the event. Speaking on the occasion, religious scholar Adnan Qadri said Pir Sheikh Gul was kind to all those who used to turn to him for guidance and assistance. He had devoted his life to the spread of the Islamic teachings. Adnan Qadri stated that Pir Sheikh Gul would be remembered for his services and guidance. The others who paid tributes to Pir Sheikh Gul included Maulana Taj Ali, Maulana Sardar Shireen and Mufti Asmat. Quran Khwani was also offered for the deceased. A contest in five languages was conducted. A total of 16 madrassa students took part in the contest. Later, Adnan Qadri distributed prizes among the students. Abdul Aziz, popularly known as Pir Sheikh Gul, was born in a spiritual family of Landikotal in the home of Hazrat Haji Gul Sahib in Pirokhel village in 1932.