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Govt releases Rs233 4bln for ongoing, new uplift schemes

January 22, 2019

ISLAMABAD: The federal government has released Rs233.4 billion against the total allocation of Rs675 billion under its Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) 2018-19 for various ongoing and new schemes.

The released funds include Rs86.5 billion for federal ministries, Rs111 billion for corporations, and Rs25.6 billion for special areas, according to data released by Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform on Monday.

Out of these allocations, the government released Rs101.46 billion for National Highway Authority (NHA) out of its total allocation of Rs185.2 billion, whereas Rs9.6 billion were released for NTDC and PEPCO for out of the allocated Rs33.36 billion under PSDP 2018-19.

Communication Division (other than NHA) was released Rs4.6 billion out of Rs13.97 billion earmarked under the Public Sector Development Programme.

Railways Division received Rs8.07 billion from the allocated Rs28.06 billion, whereas Aviation Division received Rs443.5 million from Rs3.65 billion allocated by the government under PSDP.

The government also released an amount of Rs11.8 billion for various development projects of Higher Education Commission out of the total allocation of Rs30.9 billion, while Rs10.2 billion were released for the Atomic Energy Commission.

Water Resource division received Rs18.7 billion out of Rs77.9 billion, National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination Division received Rs2.2 billion out of Rs10.9 billion, and Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority was released Rs195 million out of the allocated Rs285 million.

An amount of Rs1.44 billion has been released for the Finance Division out of its total allocations of Rs12.34 billion, while Rs540.68 million have been released for the Climate Change Division out of its total allocations of Rs802.7 million for the current year.

The Petroleum Division was released Rs9.3 million from the total Rs463.2 million allocations, the Planning, Development and Reform Division Rs1.9 billion out of Rs7.03 billion, whereas Rs3.12 billion were given to SUPARCO.

The government released Rs11.17 billion for States and Frontier Region Division, Rs4.4 billion for Interior Division, Rs20.3 million for Human Rights Division, and Rs408.5 million for National Food Security and Research Division.

The government also released Rs17.15 billion for AJK (block and other projects) out of its allocations of Rs25.8 billion, and Rs8.1 billion for Gilgit-Baltistan (block and other projects) out of its allocations of Rs16.1 billion.