Saturday June 22, 2024

Made in Pakistan

December 31, 2018

The sharp devaluation of the Pakistani rupee has already made ordinary imported items out of people’s reach. The rising inflation has acutely hurt the public’s purchasing power. After the news of the rupee devaluation broke out, the president took to Twitter and said that Pakistanis should buy products made in Pakistan. I completely agree with what the president has said. Through buying imported products, we are only hurting our country’s economy. Pakistan is in a tight spot and is finding it difficult to manage its trade deficit. By keeping the demand of imported items high, we are compelling our country to spend its foreign exchange reserves on non essential, luxury items.

The message that we should buy domestic products should be spread everywhere. From gifts to even chocolates, we want everything imported. Pakistani companies are also capable of producing high-quality products. We should promise ourselves to promote the local industry and buy only homegrown products.

Amber Ismail