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Student gathering calls for free education

By Our Correspondent
December 16, 2018

LAHORE : A convention of hundreds of students belonging to different educational institutions of the country on Saturday demanded abolish free and restore students unions in the institutions. The event was held by a political organistation of students and youth at Bakhtiar Labour Hall at Laxmi Chowk.

Ghairat Brigade Band singer Ali Aftab, classical singer Ustad Nasir Ali Khan, young poet Tehzeeb Hafi, Usama Zuraiz, Mazhar Ali Syed and others performed on the occasion.

The convention passed resolutions demanding provision of free education, end to class-based education system, restoration of student unions, representation of students in all the decision-making bodies of all the education institutes, strict action against harassment, notable representation of female students in student unions, nationalisation of private educational institutes and awarding of allowance to every unemployed youth.

LGH: The Lahore General Hospital has been constructing public wash rooms at the emergency department while benches have also been provided in the sheds where patients and their attendants can avail healthy and clean atmosphere. LGH Principal Prof Mohammad Tayyab said everyday around 3,000 patients visit emergency department of LGH while keeping in view the specialty of Neuro patients coming from all over the country and it is ensured that every person coming here should be given special attention. The principal along with Medical Superintendent Dr Mahmud Salah-ud-din and Director Administration Dr Rana M Shafique took round of different blocks and inspected the situation. He gave a number of instructions and asked the staff to remain vigilant round the clock.

The principal further said in the morning and evening shifts in the outdoor provision of medicines also being assured while almost 6,000 of citizens were provided best possible medical services. He said monitoring system had been improved and entry of medical representatives had been prohibited.

Prof Tayyab said keeping in view the increasing number of patients; beds in gynae department have been doubled while in surgery department the number has also been increased.

He said an auto-system has been developed to bring improvement in different sectors of LGH. He said those whose performance is up-to-the-mark was given reward and others have to answerable.

PHC: Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC) on Saturday compiled a report on cost and price of services and consultations of private hospitals.

Charges have proposed for all types of treatment, surgeries, consultations, admissions, wards and rooms. “Grading of private hospitals has been done earlier and rates have been proposed on the activity-based costing that is; cost has been calculated prior to proposing prices and fees,” said a spokesperson for PHC.

He also mentioned in compliance to the SC orders the report has been uploaded on the PHC website “People can email their suggestions and proposals at till the evening of December 19,” he added.